About Alazan (2020)

Alazan in a (Coco)nut Shell

Alazan is an eco-friendly, intentional community nestled in the rainforest and overlooking the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  Alazan features generous lots in a tropical setting, providing the perfect landscape for your environmentally-sensitive dream home.  Enjoy ocean, mountain, and river valley views, seasonal streams and waterfalls, and an abundance of tropical flora and fauna.

Alazan is an intimate community that boasts 20 lots (some still available), architecturally-stunning custom homes, an active homeowners association, full time project managers, and land set aside for a future community center.  Our sales and construction team can assist you with lot and home site selections, finding architectural design services, construction permitting, and guide you through the entire process of designing and constructing your tropical dream home.

Many Alazan homes are also available for rent, and we are gearing up to host group retreats in the future.  An onsite organic farm will soon provide the community with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and eggs.

Alazan is not just another development, it’s a COMMUNITY. Whether you are interested in retiring in Costa Rica, building a vacation home, or just looking for a spectacular and relaxing spot for your next vacation, make your dreams come true at Alazan!

Philosophy, Mission and Vision

The Alazan vision is to create an intentional community of people who are who are drawn to the Costa Rican lifestyle and are committed to:

  • living in harmony with nature
  • ecologically sustainable land development practices
  • reducing consumption of natural resources, including energy, water, and non-renewable materials
  • respecting natural inhabitants and the environment
  • social responsibility and involvement with the greater community
  • adopting and enjoying a serene, more relaxed lifestyle
  • maintaining a positive, vibrant social structure among Alazan residents

The Alazan mission is to provide a rare opportunity for like-minded people to establish an intentional community along the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We intend to:

  • create an aesthetically pleasing community that fosters the enjoyment of nature
  • protect and enhance the productivity, beauty and diversity of the natural environment and ecosystem through responsible development practices
  • create community spaces, hiking trails, and a biologically vibrant wildlife corridor
  • create a community of people with similar values that fosters a sense of belonging and community participation, and welcomes a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, and lifestyles
  • respect and support local culture, practices, and communities
  • assist our new neighbors in their endeavors to become a part of this beautiful Costa Rican community, through the sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • provide investment value for residents
  • work with architects, engineers, landscapers, biologists, and other professionals who share the commitment to environmentally responsible development practices

See how Alazan is practicing environmental stewardship.