Around the Area – Regional Developments

There’s lots going on in our region!  Check it out: 

  • Getting to Alazan has gotten much easier! New highways and bridges have made the drive from San Jose, Manuel Antonio, and Dominical much simpler, safer, and quicker.
  • Stream and chat to your heart’s content!  A major fiber optic telecommunications hub very near Alazan now provides the region with improved internet and telecommunication access.  Our local internet service partner now provides Alazan residents reliable, fast internet in their homes throughout Alazan.  
  • A new eco-friendly golf and ocean club, and a new luxury marina, both within 20 minutes from Alazan, are now operational.
  • A new hydroelectric power plant near San Jose was constructed in 2011 to help the country reduce its carbon footprint.  Costa Rica is taking aggressive steps to transition to almost 100 percent renewable energy.

All of this signals increased quality of life for Alazan residents and guests for years to come.

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