Environmental Stewardship

Alazan is practicing environmental stewardship by:

  • Protecting and enhancing habitat for endangered species like scarlet macaws and mono titis (squirrel monkeys)
  • Restoring the land by removing invasive plants and re-planting with native species, particularly those that provide food sources for native wildlife
  • Consulting a forest engineer to guide Alazan’s reforestation and restoration efforts
  • Practicing environmentally sustainable design, including:
    • Use of local labor and building materials where possible, including teak harvested from Alazan
    • Raised foundations that enhance passive cooling and reduce land impacts
    • Minimizing impervious surfaces, allowing water to soak into the ground and minimizing runoff that can cause erosion
    • Bio-garden filter systems for greywater
    • Rainwater catchment
  • Installing “monkey ropes” to provide safe passage for the local monkeys. Alazan has worked with the conservation group “the Titi Alliance,” an organization dedicated to reconnecting fragmented habitat and reducing harm to monkeys from crossing roads or electrical lines.
  • Growing organic food. Some Alazan residents have established organic food gardens on their property, providing a wide variety of scrumptious fruits.  We encourage all residents to have some fun with growing a variety of food for themselves.  

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