Our Story – Past, Present, and Future

PAST – Our Accomplishments

The Alazan community has grown tremendously since its inception. In that time, a lot has happened!

  • Completed electricity, water, and road infrastructure
  • Installed a welcoming and secure entrance gate
  • Built a lovely home for a local family, who monitors and maintains our entrance gate
  • Built a home for our Project Manager/Concierge team
  • Trained and precision home construction crew
  • Designed and built 12 beautiful “modern tropical-style” homes
  • Established an active Homeowners Association that’s working to manage and improve the community!

PRESENT – New developments!

  • New project manager team hired to oversee community maintenance and concierge services!
  • Permaculture Farm project approved and under construction!
  • Internet access available and improving

FUTURE – What’s On the Horizon

  • Permaculture Farm – The founders of Alazan are teaming up with various members of the Alazan community to build a Permaculture farm at the base of our community. “Permaculture” refers to farming that mimics natural systems to maximize outputs with minimal inputs (i.e. labor). We are in the process of developing a business plan and mapping out the site, but our goal is to have horses, goats, chickens, fish, and of course lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, including “superfruits” like mangosteen and açai. As a resident or visitor of Alazan, you will have access to many of these foods!
  • Community center – the Alazan HOA plans to build a community center on land that has been set aside by the founders of Alazan. Ideas that have been discussed include a meeting area, yoga platform, kitchen and swimming pool. We are very excited about the possibilities!
  • Trail system (under development)– the Alazan HOA plans to build out a trail system for use by residents and visitors of Alazan.
  • Concierge services for homeowners and renters – Alazan’s on-site Project managers offer a full line of concierge services for residents and visitors of Alazan.

Learn about Alazan’s Philosophy, Mission and Vision.

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