Philosophy, Mission and Vision

The Alazan vision is to create an intentional community of people who are who are drawn to the Costa Rican lifestyle and are committed to:

  • living in harmony with nature
  • ecologically sustainable land development practices
  • reducing consumption of natural resources, including energy, water, and non-renewable materials
  • respecting natural inhabitants and the environment
  • social responsibility and involvement with the greater community
  • adopting and enjoying a serene, more relaxed lifestyle
  • maintaining a positive, vibrant social structure among Alazan residents

The Alazan mission is to provide a rare opportunity for like-minded people to establish an intentional community along the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We intend to:

  • create an aesthetically pleasing community that fosters the enjoyment of nature
  • protect and enhance the productivity, beauty and diversity of the natural environment and ecosystem through responsible development practices
  • create community spaces, hiking trails, and a biologically vibrant wildlife corridor
  • create a community of people with similar values that fosters a sense of belonging and community participation, and welcomes a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, and lifestyles
  • respect and support local culture, practices, and communities
  • assist our new neighbors in their endeavors to become a part of this beautiful Costa Rican community, through the sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • provide investment value for residents
  • work with architects, engineers, landscapers, biologists, and other professionals who share the commitment to environmentally responsible development practices

See how Alazan is practicing environmental stewardship.

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