Why Alazan?


  • Community!: Alazan is not just another development; it is an engaged, welcoming community of neighbors! Well-managed homeowners association maintains and improves infrastructure. All collaborate to maintain a beautiful, environmentally-sensitive, and successful community for years to come. 
  • Internet: Stream or telecommute easily.  Fiber optic cable serves most Alazan lots (and can be expanded as each new home is built). 
  • Water: Alazan’s water is supplied by the regional Asada water system, sourced from an artesian well located high in the Parrita Valley watershed. We periodically lab-test our water, confirming our water is safe for consumption. We also encourage homeowners to harvest rainwater and recycle gray water where possible. Water conservation is a key Alazan community value.
  • Electricity: Costa Rica’s national electricity system (ICE) maintains Alazan’s electricity distribution system. 
  • Roads: Alazan’s roadways are constructed to reduce concentrated runoff and allow rainfall infiltration using concrete strips, permeable pavers, and road drainage control features. These methods improve durability, reduce erosive forces, and improve drivability. We are continuously working on maintaining durable road surfaces in environmentally sensitive ways, such as vegetative plantings and natural materials to manage erosion and help stabilize slopes where needed.
  • Security: Alazan maintains a welcoming, secure entrance gate and other security features. A growing number of families live at Alazan full time, and our residents, staff, and canine welcoming committee always have watchful eyes and ears on the entire property. 


  • Generous lots sizes: Alazan lots range from 1.5 acres to 5+ acres in size!
  • Abundant wildlife: Wake up to the sounds of toucans, monkeys, and cicadas!
  • Rainforest canopy: We are located on the edge of the rainforest, affording privacy, shade, and habitat for wildlife while still allowing for views. Alazan preserves and improves the landscape by planting native trees and plants that attract monkeys, birds, butterflies, and other native local wildlife.
  • Stunning views: Alazanians enjoy breathtaking forest, river valley, mountain, and ocean views. Trees and topography afford privacy from other homes.
  • Secluded but not isolated: Alazan is located just 15 minutes from Parrita, and 40 minutes from two major travel destinations. The region surrounding
    Alazan has seen a recent uptick in interest by developers and investors seeking to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.
  • Access to an adjacent 40-acre jungle reserve: Alazan has acres of land to explore. 

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