Why Alazan?

  • Alazan is not just another development; it is a community! We have an active homeowners association with annual on-site meetings, and an engaged HOA board that meets on a frequent basis. Neighbors know neighbors in Alazan and are working together to create a beautiful, environmentally-sensitive, and successful community for years to come.
  • Alazan has succeeded where many other communities have failed: by securing legally titled and recorded lots; delivering electricity, water and road access to each lot; and by implementing property security measures. Because of these achievements, nearly 75% of Alazan’s lots have sold, 12 homes are complete, and 2 more are under construction.
  • A small community center provides enjoyment for the entire Alazan community.
  • A number of families and our project manager live at Alazan full time, providing a full time presence at Alazan.
  • The region surrounding Alazan has seen a recent uptick in interest by developers and investors seeking to enjoy the area’s unspoiled natural beauty.
  • Visit our photo galleries and see what makes Alazan so special!

How Alazan Compares

  Other Developments in Costa Rica Alazan Community
Support services (market, bakery, bank, hardware store, medical care, restaurants, etc). Can be 40 minutes to an hour from the project 10-25 minutes from Alazan
Internal road systems Often in mixed condition, eroded, minimal slope stabilization efforts, new roads cut through soft clay Concrete block or paving strips at critical areas, retaining walls and plants stabilizing adjacent slopes
Electricity and water Often non-existent or “in progress” Fully functional, delivered to each homesite, maintained by ICE (national electric company)
Lot size Smaller lots Minimum 1.25 acres, up to 5 acres, average 2.5 acres
Views Often marginal views on most lots, not living up to description; views of neighboring houses Spectacular ocean, mountain, river valley, and forest views; Trees and topography afford privacy from other homes
Landscape Most of the vegetation is removed, creating a high potential for erosion. Little to no native vegetation remains to attract wildlife. Alazan is preserving and improving the landscape by planting native trees and plants that will attract monkeys, birds, and butterflies
Home construction Either purchase a completed home, or buy a lot and you’re “on your own” from there. Many developments are still just a collection of empty lots. At your choice, Alazan provides design and construction services to help you build your dream home. Alazan boasts 10 GORGEOUS homes and 2 more under construction.
Community cohesiveness Neighbors may or may not know one another Neighbors actively welcoming new neighbors. Active homeowners association with annual business meeting and periodic informal meetings. HOA committees engage in tackling community issues.

Why choose Costa Rica?

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